Facilitating for groups of 20-60 in Queensland & Northern New South Wales, with fixed seasonal menu and personally foraged touches. Available in 3 connection to country packages; Land, Sea and Sky as shared through creation stories.

LAND: Foraging, Hunting and Gathering
SEA: Reading The Ocean With Respect
SKY: Signs and Signals of Season


Connection to country can be strengthened in your corporate space by engaging with “The Quandamooka Chef”. Kieron will capture your senses and spirit, taking you on a journey through ancient culture with this immersive combination of storytelling, art and theatre. Sharing respectful practice through his intimate demonstration with a more interactive space for cultural awareness learning. ·Facilitating for groups of 10-20 in Queensland & Northern New South Wales. Includes cultural cooking demonstration and sharing with a variety of tasting plates. Choose to engage your group with a Land, Sea or Sky package with tailored seasonal menu items to compliment stories from the Dreamtime.

LAND: Connection to Country Through Flavour
SEA: Sacred Saltwater Connection
SKY: Winds of Change, a Shift in Season

Cultural Dining Experiences

KUP MURRIE ; CULTURAL DINING EXPERIENCE: IMMERSIVE WELCOME TO COUNTRY WITH A NEW CONNECTION BUILT THROUGH SACRED PRACTICE AND THE SHARING OF FOOD ·The Quandamooka Chef shares ancient cooking techniques infused with sacred stories, passed down from his family lineage. These culturally rich and deeply personal stories connect you to the oldest cookery method in the world. In a fast paced and often disconnected society, slow down and sit on country with Kieron and elders to reconnect with deep family roots and a sense of community. ·Catering for a fixed 50 person menu on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) only. Multiple free spirited meat selection alongside seasonal vegetables both of which are cooked under the earth for 6 hours. Encapturing and infusing the unique elemental flavours of Minjerribah. Feel the spirit of the Quandamooka sand, sense the richness of the earth as it connects together with the smoke of our precious tree resources in an ancient and holistic practice carried through time.

Gastronomic Artistry

Fine dining fusion with ancient flavours. Through his classical training, chef Kieron Anderson was immersed in the meeting of art and food mastery. Connection to culture leading him further into the realm of food, an element carried through time and sustaining his people with more than just nourishment. Stories passed through time now able to be expressed through visual messages. Flavour and feeling combining to break through existing barriers which have divided for so long. Linking palate with stories shared from the dreaming passed through generations. Allow yourself, guided by “The Quandamooka Chef” to experience the often overlooked richness of native flavour profiles. Immerse yourself in a private fine dining experience combining exquisite food, art and theatre. Available exclusively to small groups of 4-10. Private and Couple experiences tailored upon request.

Public Speaking Engagements

Creating an easy to navigate cultural learning space for larger groups while exploring native food resources from across this vast land. Challenging your perception of what it means to be a ‘foodie’ by connecting age old practices and the modern food space. Highlighting the continued relevance of ancient food resources by exploring practical uses in cooking, the basis for respectful foraging and the significance of always caring for country. More than just a one sided experience, take a seat inside “The Quandamooka Chef” Kieron Anderson’s kitchen as he demonstrates seasonal food artistry you can try at home. Enriched by his knowledge of native food resources, bush tucka and practical knowledge of country – experience as Kieron shares a small taste of home. Fulfilling you as you return to your everyday life with a seed of knowledge waiting to be watered. Providing access to culture and food for groups. 60 persons minimum.

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